Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Somehow, it is Wednesday again! Each week feels like it's flying by. Anyway, let's get right to it. Here is what I am loving this beautiful Wednesday!

1) Shopping for baby clothes. My mom and I hit Baby Gap/Gap Maternity this weekend and I got a few things for Emerson. Not only are the clothes adorable, but it just feels so much more real when I'm buying things for her. Here are a few of the things I got her:
I coudn't resist the polka dots. I loved the brown and tan colors, too, so I bought it in a size I'm hoping will fit her next fall.
Adorable lace trimmed leggings to match!

I'm not normally a big animal print fan, but thought this little sweater was just too cute to pass up.

2) Crockpot cooking. I've been using my crockpot like crazy lately. I had forgotten how easy and convenient it is to add a few ingredients in the morning and come home to a ready meal. To me, crockpots just scream warm, fall food. 

3) This stuff:

I've been looking for a good daily moisturizer that will help with fine lines & spots and I think I've found my solution. I've been using it for a month or so now and can tell a big difference in my skin's texture and tone. It's super lightweight, so I can wear it under my makeup without it making me look oily. And you can't beat the price! Here is a link for more info/to purchase it.

4) This little guy:
That's Oliver, our 1 year old Boston Terrier. He is just about the sweetest thing ever and has been super cuddly lately, which I definitely love.

What are you loving this week? Go play along!


  1. I've been obsessed with my crockpot lately, as well. It's just SO easy! I love the outfits you've picked out for your little girl, as well as her name! So cute! :) Have a great Wednesday!

  2. I love the clothes you picked out for Emerson. That little cardigan makes me want to die! And I agree that Oliver is a sweetie!

  3. Baby clothes are SO cute! Thanks for giving me a few ideas. My best friend just found out she is pregnant with a baby girl. I can't wait to spoil her with a bunch of stuff. :)

  4. Love that sweater at Baby Gap....I was like "Sarah...walk away from the sweater"....I may have to go back and get it.