Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emmie - 7 Months


Happy 7 months! And what an exciting month it was! We were actually in Atlanta on your 7 month birthday, thus the delay. You have grown and changed so much in the past month that I can barely believe it. You are SO mobile now and are constantly on the move. Every day, you become less of a "baby" and more of a "person". It is so much fun to watch! Here is what has been going on with you lately:

Loves: Going on walks, swinging at the park, meeting new people and having them talk to you, eating, feeding yourself, being tickled, being tossed in the air, being held upside down

Eating: Nursing 4-5 times per day and eating solids twice per day. I'm pretty sure you're ready to drop to 4 nursing sessions and will be dropping the fifth session this week. You have been eating solids like a champ lately. You absolutely LOVE feeding yourself puffs and yogurt melts and are taking down those plus 4 oz of baby food at breakfast, then puffs/yogurt melts plus 8 oz of baby food at dinner. I can't wait to start making the transition to "real food" in the next couple of months. 

Sleeping:  You still sleep so well! 11-12 hours at night (lately 12 -- ever since we put the blinds in your room back up...it must have been the early morning light waking you up) and taking two naps per day. Your morning nap is usually around 9-10:30 and afternoon nap is 2:30-4 or so.

Clothes: 6-9 month/6-12 month. Size 2 diapers. 

Firsts: Lots of firsts this month! First time eating "real" solids (non-purees), first time flying on a plane (you did great, as expected!), first time pulling up (and now you do it all the time...uh oh!), first time waving "bye-bye", first time swinging at the park, first time visiting the mountains, first time meeting your cousin Baylor and Aunt Jenni.

Here's what happens when we try to change your diaper. You immediately turn over and try to crawl away!

And our photoshoot was a bit of a challenge this month. 

 Smiling and posing...

Oh, let me grab that camera!

What?! The camera is not for me? Alright, see ya later!

So we move to the floor to try to get you to cooperate! 

 And that lasts for a minute or so.

 Hiking in Gatlinburg. The Smoky Mountains!

So excited to be with family in ATL.

Swinging at the park for the first time. 

What a fun month! As much as I hate watching time fly by and you grow up, I love the sweet little girl you are becoming!  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Emmie - 6 Months


This post is a little belated, as you are now approaching SEVEN months, but better late than never, right? I can't believe your 6 month birthday has come and gone. You continue to be such a joyful, happy baby and we are so thankful for that! This month has brought a major increase in mobility, as you are trying very, very hard to crawl and a little more independence with that. Here's what's been happening with you:

Loves: The dogs (ANY dogs for that matter), playing peek-a-boo, being sung to, playing with keys or sunglasses, being tickled, taking baths.

Eating: Nursing 5 times per day and eating solids twice per day. You are finicky with your solids, as you lose interest in eating about halfway through each meal, but we keep at it, since your doctor told us we need to up your intake of solids!

Sleeping:  Sleeping great! Bedtime is at 7:30 and you typically wake up at 7 the next morning. At your 6 month mark, you were still taking 3 naps per day (one long one in the morning, usually 9-11, then two afternoon catnaps). 

Clothes: some 3-6/6 month, some 6-9 month/9 month. Size 2 diapers. 

Firsts: First tooth! You handled it like a champ. One morning I was feeling your gums as I thought you might be teething and was shocked to find a tooth that had broken through! First time spending the night away from home (Papa G and Gigi kept you and you did great!). First time drinking water (you love water!). First time sitting up on your own.

Here are some photos of you!  (Yes, that is blue painter's tape on the wall. Still trying to find the time to paint the trim!)

Looking forward to month 7!!